Ahammed Jasir

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Club member since 16 Jul 2022


Riding since

25,000 km

Km driven

155 kmph

Top speed

148 km

Non stop km

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In this world I mostly like one think is riding/driving. I like it I love is more and more of any other thing. Basically am rashdriving and i pay so many fines (around 35k+) for over speed. Somany cops told me to do this stupiditys in tracks. So i need one opportunity to prove my skills to the world. Now my bike is RC 200 and am going with thath bike for loong rides and i ride non stop ride around 112 km. And by wish is I wand to ride my bike in track pleace help me to do that please


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My Biking Timeline

  • Currently I own:
    • KTM RC 200
  • In past, I had owned:
    • TVS Apache 160
  • I dream to own:
    • Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

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My Biking Preferences

  • Preferred terrain:
    • paved roads
  • Stunts, I like:
    • stoppie
  • Modifications, I like:
    • engine tweaks