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Benefits of Bikeshala club | By the bikers, For the bikers platform

5840 Views Dec. 21, 2020, 4:09 p.m.
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Our trips, be it short or long-distant or be it with the fellow riders or alone, are the core memories of our bikelife. The moment we start rewinding our past trip memories, chills start to run down our body.

We the Bikers love cherishing those small yet invaluable moments, those stop points, the time we spent with our bike, the hurdles and paths we crossed, the points when our body literally started to let’s make it there soon and whatnot. Every biker has one’s own trip story to share and yes, each and every biker’s journey matters. The trips we make, the bike journeys we do, is what defines a biker’s BikeLife.

We bikers are proud and confident to flaunt our Bikelife and this is what makes up for our adrenaline release. Some of us have driven miles and miles and have completed countless bike trips while there are some of us who aspire or look forward to their dream bike trips.

Enough talking! let's get straight to benefits:

  • Digital Biker identity: Get your sharable identity with all your bike life specifics like top speed, distance, trips, Map timeline, your social profiles and lot more. You can now show it in the website section your bio on various social media and youtube.
  • Trip Memorial: Yes, your trips now have a sharable address where they can be found by anyone interested in that route. A trip contains much useful information like start point, destination point, en-route/stop points, trip distance, expenses, Map timeline, images, approvals, etc.
  • Find Trip Partners: You can browse through our home to find trips of other bikers and from there you can know about those bikers and can even contact them via provided social profiles.
  • Get Featured, Tagged & Published: When views on your posted trip get ahead of other trips shared during a particular duration, it gets selected to be among the Featured Trips and get displayed on top of the Bikeshala's homepage and on Bikeshala's social media accounts. It is advisable to share your trips and posts for maximum reach.
  • Browse through global Bikers content posted on Bikeshala and share your photos, experiences, suggestions, reviews or ask questions among verified Bikers community.

Check out as a sample, how your bike life and trips will look like after completion:

Upcoming updates:

We are constantly learning and adapting, to provide you with a better platform every next time you visit us. The following updates will have Future trips, improved UI, some utility features, enhanced search, and better navigation across bikeshala. Please bear with us patiently and don't forget to support us in any way you can, be it just a shout out among your biker friends.

Remember this is a platform, "By the Bikers, For the Bikers"

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